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About the Narconon® Drug Rehab Programme

Willian Benitez Narconon founderWilliam Benitez, an inmate of Arizona State Prison, founded the NARCONON programme in 1966. Benitez read a book by American author and founder of the Church of ScientologyTM L. Ron Hubbard, and by applying the principles it contained on increasing one's abilities, he and dozens of other inmates were able to permanently end their addictions to heroin. The Narconon programme has evolved from that simple beginning to a worldwide network of drug prevention and drug-free social education rehabilitation centres.

William Benitez with first Narconon group 1966William Benitez (far right) with the first Narconon group in 1966

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L. Ron Hubbard"You may have noticed that society is rapidly going downhill... And the most serious part of this is that drugs, both medical and street drugs, have disabled a majority of those who could have handled it, including the political leaders, and have even paralyzed the coming generations."
L. Ron Hubbard

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What Causes Drug Addiction and Alcoholism?
The Cycle of Addiction (PDF)

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"...the best high is the adrenalin rush of completing the Narconon programme"
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"Your efforts are most likely the reason our son developed the will to change ..."

"I wake up every morning looking forward to my day ahead because I know I'm in total control of my life and because I rediscovered myself ..."

"...I was very sceptic at first but now I feel Narconon is the only way - it's working for me."

"After seeing the results of your work and speaking to members of the staff, I feel that you have much to teach the drug rehabilitation field"

"I came to NARCONON a broken mess of a human being. ... Today I have no words to really explain the difference in my life. ... I am successful and happy and I have a future."