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Cocaine is an oil that is derived from the leaves of the coca bush (Erythroxylum coca). The coca bush looks similar to the common Blackthorn bush that can be seen throughout the British countryside.

The main growing areas of the Coca bush are Columbia, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. The leaves are harvested bi-annually by the coca farmer. Once the leaves are plucked from the plant they are dried until they become brittle; at this point they are processed further to extract the coca.

There are two forms of coca extraction: a solvent extraction or an acid extraction both methods require the use of toxic chemicals. Either method will produce a paste that is refined further to produce cocaine hydrochloride, Cocaine hydrochloride is the bitter tasting white, crystalline powder that is sold on the streets.

When cocaine arrives in the United Kingdom it arrives as Cocaine Hydrochloride, in a water-soluble powder form, and is most commonly then cut with another substance to reduce the purity and increase profits for the dealers.

This water-soluble powder could only be effective if it is snorted or injected.

During the 1970’s drug dealers began to change the water-soluble powder back into an oil in a rock form so that it could be smoked in a pipe (crack pipe). This process is called “freebasing” or literally freeing up the base material.

Smoking cocaine in this form “Crack”  gives a more intense high than snorting or injecting, but the high is short lived, and only lasts several minutes, the maximum being around 15 minutes. So people smoking crack have to keep using it over and over at a constant rate to stay satisfied. Subsequently, crack addiction is a horrendously expensive habit to finance, and it is not difficult to see, with only a maximum fifteen minute high, how a crack addiction will eventually strip a person of everything they own. Crack will leave a person jobless, homeless and broke without exception.     

When cocaine is smoked in an oil form like “crack” or “rock” it is more likely to accumulate in the body because of its natural attraction to the fatty tissue of the human anatomy. Therefore, Crack can can build up in the body more quickly and cause toxic effects faster than expected. Unfortunately, there have been many deaths from crack toxicity.

Crack Cocaine is a powerful toxin and when smoked will eventually cause lung problems and serious breathing problems such emphysema, pleurisy and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).

Crack Cocaine is not only physically addictive but mentally addictive as well, and is capable of putting an enormous amount  of stress on all the organs of the body. It alters eating and sleeping habits, depletes nutrients, can cause deep depression after long periods of use, and eventual death.

Many crack users smoke crack because it makes them feel very good or smart for just a few minutes, but when the crack wears off,they feel dumb again and sometimes more dumb than they felt before they used it. It is just a dirty trick, an illusion; intelligence is not increased by smoking crack in a pipe.

Drugs such as: cocaine, crack ,heroin, and alcohol, amongst other toxins, will eventually rob a person of his senses, perceptions and awareness, those same senses and perceptions we use to experience the world around us that give sensations of pain, but which also and bring us the sense of pleasure; without them we are numb to all things around us. This leads to an isolated existence, with endless days and endless nights with very little between. All that is left is a burning desire to escape, to feel something, anything, again.. Welcome to the world of an addict, a world where nobody can win; everybody loses eventually, even the dealer, they lose too.    

This article was written and donated by a  former crack addict who is now a member of  “The friends of The Narconon community”. We thought we would publish it, in the hope that it may help to clear up any mysteries about crack and dispel  any concept that smoking crack may be cool  

Crack Cocaine addiction  - Where it begins and ends                                       

 Crack is a form of cocaine that is smoked and is one of the most addictive drugs in the world at present.  However, thirty years ago or so “crack cocaine addiction” was virtually un-heard of. Crack cocaine addiction is new.