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Once the sauna detox is completed many of those that participated in this step report that they “feel infinitely better than they had felt for a long time”. However , the sauna detox was designed to address any potential drug residuals that may reside in the body and as a consequence help eliminate physical cravings.

The next step of the program has been designed to help remove the mental phenomena and negative emotions associated with drug or alcohol abuse.

Many addicts tend to spend long periods of their time dwelling on the past. Their behaviour and attitudes can be heavily influenced by unpleasant past experiences. With so much attention on his past, they have little or no attention left for the here and now.

Being unable to move one’s attention out of the past, and keep it on the present for any length of time, has been thought to be a major factor for addicts relapsing.

The Objective exercises are a precise set of step by step, simple, yet powerful procedures, that can cut right to the root of addiction.They are performed under close supervision by a trained counsellor and the progress of the individual is consistently monitored by a senior counsellor.  

The purpose of this module is to bring the person out of the past and into the present time. Drugs dull a person’s awareness and throw him out of communication with his environment. This module helps bring the person into communication with others, and with the present environment around him. This extroverts his/her attention, away from uncomfortable memories associated with drug or alcohol use, and onto a wider perspective.

Once this module is complete the individual becomes more able to view the world around him, with more clarity, often for the first time in years, and without the need or desire to use drugs.

“After doing six different rehabs over 15 years I finally faced my addiction problems head on on this module.”

Objective exercises

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