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Narconon New Life Detoxification Programme

A Doctor's Evaluation

"An Evaluation of a Detoxification Programme for Long-Term Stored Chemicals" is the title of a paper first published in 1981 and then appearing in Medical Hypothesis September 1982 by myself in concert with two colleagues: Megan Shields M.D. and Steven Burton M.D.

This paper was the result of extensive study and testing of the Detoxification Programme developed by L. Ron Hubbard. The following are excerpts from the publication outlining some of our findings:

The purpose of this current study is to evaluate and document clinically observed physical or psychological changes that occur upon conclusion of the Detoxification Programme. In addition to clinical evaluations, psychological tests and standard blood chemistry were performed.

One hundred and three volunteers were selected to represent varying degrees of drug usage. California guidelines for human experimentation were followed, and informed consent obtained from all participants. Volunteers were accepted on a first-application-received basis, covering the spectrum from heavy (i.e. frequent heroin usage, hallucinogenics, frequent or severe use of medical drugs) to no drug usage. Most of the participants were from Hollywood population at large and twenty were from Narconon Los Angeles. The volunteers were interviewed and demographic data (statistical data showing average age, income, education, etc.) was collected. This data was used to ensure a cross-section of drug users and of the general population were included in the study.

A large variety of incidents occurred as individuals progressed through the programme which were suggestive of drugs or chemicals being released from the body. There were reports of brief, full-blown "LSD trips" with hallucinations; some participants who had ether (a colourless, sweet-smelling liquid used as an anaesthetic) would smell like ether in the sauna; old injuries would flare up with swelling or redness along surgery lines and then resolve over a few days. The flushing that followed ingestion of niacin frequently would occur along lines of bathing suits or old sunburns; this would diminish over a few days then re-occur in a different pattern. It was not unusual to have a person re-experience the physical condition associated with taking a certain drug or anaesthetic. For instance, one patient complained of onset of mild pain in the lower right quarter of the body, nausea, light headedness and reddening of an old appendix scar line. This occurred the next two days at lessening severity and then was gone in three days.

The programme appears safe as long as done under the care of a physician. The exercise and sauna are tolerated very well as long as they are begun on a gradient. As with any major physical exercise programme, however, general physical condition and physical health need to be monitored. The authors feel this programme is unadvisable for any person with heart disease or any other major physical disabilities unless directly done under the supervision of a physician who is willing to work out a specific exercise, sauna and vitamin programme for the patient.

Since the first publication of the above findings, tens of thousands of people have successfully undergone this programme, and the theories presented in this book are gaining increasing acceptance amongst medical doctors and scientists.

Gene Denk M.D.

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