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For nearly half a century Narconon has been helping people from all walks of life overcome addiction problems.

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New York

The aftermath of September 11 found many rescue workers, fireman and emergency medical technicians suffering from what came to be called " Ground Zero Cough" or "World Trade Centre Flu".

Symptoms included chronic fatigue, exacerbated by an inability to sleep, headaches, short-term memory loss and difficulty concentrating.

The cause of these symptoms, exposure to extremely high levels of toxins in the smoke and the dust from the pulverized towers.

After positive results during trials, public funding was advanced to the project and to-date over 1,000 rescue workers have completed detoxification, using identical principles to those of the Narconon Programme.

City of Oram, Utah USA

Inspired by the positive reports of the New York project, a similar programme was ran in the city of Orem, Utah, USA for the Salt Lake City Police Department who complain of damaging health effects due to exposure of high levels of Methamphetamine toxins ingested while dismantling illegal meth labs during the course of their duties.

This project was performed under the name of “Bio-Cleansing Centres of America”.  Because those police officers who had participated in this program claim to have experienced “favourable benefits”, the state legislature advanced in excess of $400,500 of public funding to ensure that as many State officers as necessary can participate.

The Method  

“I feel great, I have more energy, sleep better and slowly but surely I feel as if I am getting to be the person who I always wanted to be, drug free and able lead a normal life once again”.

Break the addiction trap!

People who completed this step on the program will tell you they felt like they sweated out the drugs locked up in their system and gained a new energy, a new vitality—a new life. [ Read more below ]

The New Life Detoxification Programme is a combination of light aerobic exercise to stimulate and enhance blood circulation, plus nutritional supplements and induced sweating in a low-
heat sauna.  Prior to starting the detox module the participant must first get medical approval from a qualified medical doctor.

This module is a precise and carefully supervised procedure for reducing or eliminating harmful substances that may be present in the body and the typical symptoms associated with substances abuse.

These symptoms can include but are not restricted to: drug and alcohol cravings, depression, irritability, anxiety, paranoia, loss of appetite, confusion, memory loss and fatigue.

Many addicts who have undergone the New Life Detoxification Program have cited that they have regained:

• An ability to think more clearly.

• Improved memory and attention span.

• Increased energy.

• Feeling calmer

• More enthusiasm for life

The New Life Detoxification

For over Half a century we have been helping people overcome addiction problems.

But, we can’t help unless we know about it.

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The Program

At the heart of the Narconon programme is the aptly named “New Life Detoxification Programme”.  So called, because many of the people who have completed this module say that they “feel as if they have gained a new life”.

This module is based on the theory that drug toxins and metabolites can over time build-up in the fatty tissues of the body.  In hot weather or when by exercise or hard work the body starts sweating, fat breaks down and releases these drug residues back into the bloodstream.  

These are effectively another drug dose, which causes the one time addict or alcoholic to experience “flash backs” coupled with a resurrection of the earlier desire to use drugs - even many years after stopping.  If this theory is correct, it could be the explanation for why so many people, after other rehabilitation programmes, unfortunately experience a relapse at a later point in their lives.

It may also explain the mythical belief “once an addict always an addict”.

The Evidence

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