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“Effects of cocaine on a person’s health”

Cocaine is a powerful addictive drug found in a number of different forms i.e. powder or solidified rock (called crack or freebase). Whatever form cocaine is used, it can have serious detrimental effects, that:

Health effects of cocaine:

Cocaine produces a powerful stimulating  effect on the human brain. However, as cocaine travels through the blood it can have an effect on the whole body. Cocaine affects the heart, blood vessels, brain and will eventually lead to death. Here are some of the effects of cocaine on a person’s health

Cocaine causes heart attacks

Taking cocaine even in small quantities affects the heart. Cocaine increasing the heart rate and blood pressure, at the same time it constricts the arteries that supply the heart with vital oxygen. Lack of blood supply to heart muscles can cause heart attack even in young and healthy people.

Cocaine can also trigger perniciously abnormal rhythmic contractions of the heart.

Respiratory system deterioration:

There are three ways to take cocaine: Snorting, injecting it directly into the blood stream or smoking in the form of crack, all three methods have their medical implications. Snorting cocaine damages nose, nasal mucosa and nasal sinuses. Subsequently,snorting cocaine on a regular basis can causes nasal perforation.

Smoking crack cocaine (solidified form of cocaine) causes lung irritation and in some people crack cocaine has rendered their lungs permanently damaged with nonspecific respiratory problems such as: permanent wheezing, chest pain, and shortness of breath.

Cocaine and kidney damage:

Rhabdomyolysis is a condition that can cause sudden kidney failure. If cocaine is used by someone who has high blood pressure long term kidney damage is a high possibility (due to due to constriction of vessels or direct toxicity).

Cocaine impairs sexual function:

It is not uncommon for cocaine uses to take cocaine prior to sex, as a stimulant, it can give people a feeling of confidence, more alert and sexy. However, cocaine use has also been linked with increased chances of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) in people who have multiple partners. Studies have shown that cocaine users with multiple sex partners were 1.5 times more vulnerable to AIDS.

Although cocaine has been known for centuries as an aphrodisiac - due to it's a rush of adrenaline- it can have a reversed effects. It increases sexual desires meanwhile impairing ejaculation. Medium to long term Cocaine abuse has been linked with a decline in sexual activity and sex drive. Chronic cocaine abuse can permanently impair sexual function in both men and women.

Cocaine causes perforation of GIT (gastro intestinal tract):

Cocaine is a well-known vasoconstrictor substance. It causes the constriction of gut vessels, decreasing the blood flow to the gut. Decreased blood flow to the GIT causes oxygen starvation which leads to ulcers or even the perforation of the gastro intestinal system

There is no safe amount for using cocaine or crack cocaine. A cocaine user has no ability to predict the level of cocaine use to which they will become addicted to the substance. There are those who can take  cocaine repetitively and never feel like they “need” the drug when they aren’t using it.

On the other hand there are thousands of cases where a person only used cocaine just a few times and developed a significant cravings for the drug when they are not high.  

Once a person becomes an addict to either form of cocaine they will eventually lose control of their lives and become the source of untold misery to all those that are dear to them.