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FAQ About Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab

The Narconon Drug Rehab programme is tailor-made to the students requirements. To us, the time it takes to complete our programme is irrelevant. Each individual is different. We demand that our graduates accomplish what it is they set out to do, which is handle addiction forever!

Successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation consist of 3 major phases

We found that a lot of people feel confused when it come to drug and alcohol treatment.

  • How does addiction start?
  • Why does somebody become an addict?
  • What is the right approach for treatment?

To understand  the problem of addiction and to deliver a workable solution, one has to understand the 3 phases of a successful rehabilitation.

1) The first phase is called WITHDRAWAL

Withdrawal is the length of time it takes the person, while no longer using drugs or alcohol, to recover from the effects of them. During this time span the person normally feels some kind of discomfort. The phase of withdrawal normally lasts 3 to 7 days.

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2) The second phase is called DETOXIFICATION

One definition of detoxify is: To extract poison or toxins from = detoxification

As you may already know, drugs and alcohol are poison/toxins. Too much of it will kill a person. Unfortunately, drugs residues stay in the body (fatty tissues) for years after use and can affect a person at a later time.

Detoxification from drugs is an important part of the success of any treatment.

Substituting one drug with another is not detoxification.
It is substituting one poison with another!

Detoxification is normally done within 3 to 5 weeks.

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3) Phase three is the actual REHABILITATION

The dictionary says about rehabilitation:

rehabilitate: To put back in good condition

In the true sense of the word, rehabilitation would mean to restore something that has been lost. In the field of drug and alcohol abuse it would mean to give the person his/her self respect back and to make him/her feel like a valuable member of society.

  • Most addicts were good people before they became addicts.
  • Most addicts have loving partners, family members or friends.
  • Most addicts loved their partners, family members or friends before addiction.
  • Most addicts are not mentally ill.
  • Addiction is not an incurable disease.

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What Causes Drug Addiction and Alcoholism?
The Cycle of Addiction (PDF)

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