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NARCONON - New Life Detoxification (sauna) programme

While drugs and their residues quickly become undetectable in blood and urine, some as rapidly as three days after last usage, some drug residues and toxins can remain stored in your fatty tissues for years. These drug residues and toxins can then dislodge and affect your awareness, ability and attitude and can continue to cause you to experience cravings and adverse symptoms, including depression. Sauna in Narconon UK

The sauna part of the Narconon programme comprises an exact daily regime of nutritional supplements, supervised exercise and periods of time sweating in a sauna, which combine to assist the body to rid itself of many unwanted and potentially harmful toxins.

Upon completion of this portion of the Programme, our students often report greatly reduced or eliminated cravings for drugs. In addition it is often reported that the student feels much brighter, happier, alert and able to think more clearly. After the student has completed this part of the programme and is feeling cleaner physically they are then ready to continue work on the life skills courses.

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"I came to NARCONON a broken mess of a human being. ... Today I have no words to really explain the difference in my life. ... I am successful and happy and I have a future."