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Withdrawal success stories

Gordon (withdrawing from Heroin) says:-

"I am most surprised at how quickly and how easily I have managed to get through the withdrawal from heroin. I feel a lot more positive in myself as a person now that I am not constantly looking to score or be high. It is such a relief to wake up without wanting to score every morning!"

Jenny (withdrawing from the prescription drug Seroxat) says:-

"While in withdrawals my life has reached a turnaround. For the first time in many years I have increasingly felt more at ease being around other people. To interact without feeling paranoid & insecure. More importantly I feel at ease with myself. Health wise my head has never felt clearer. I am looking forward to completing the programme & creating a future for myself. I am proud to say I have made decisions for myself & not just to please other people."

Lewis (withdrawing from Cannabis) says:-

"Before I came here I was really nervous but Lisa assured me everything would be fine. Dan, Caroline & Sheena helped me especially for the first few days as I was feeling pretty low.
After 3 or 4 days my energy levels returned & I was eating properly again for the first time in years.
The withdrawals were not as tough as I had initially expected & I feel the walks & the extra sleep have really helped.
Over the last 2 days I feel like a new person with a new spark for life & I would like to thank everyone in withdrawals (especially Dan) for helping me through it."

Bridget (withdrawing from Alcohol) says:-

"The treatment offered at this unit is so very different from hospital. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and the fact that there is 24hr help at hand is reassuring - both mentally and physically. Checks are regularly made - something that never happens in hospital.
I was explained about the dietary regime - a very high dosage of vitamins and minerals are administered to boost the whole body of much nourishment that has obviously deteriorated.
This together with regular food plus plenty of walks plus mental exercises really does improve the body and mind very quickly.
The quiet environment on withdrawals at first I thought a bit odd - but now I completely understand the method - that being of just getting your thoughts together without the clutter and noise.
This method has been just great - plenty of structure lots of support - excellent programme."

Peter (withdrawing from Heroin) says:-

"Being on heroin was very normal for me! I suppose I'd just expected it and tried to move on with my life but the problem with the lady is she never wants to let you go once she has you. Something else I'd expected. Because when I have tried before I never made it past the first couple of days but thanks to Tania and Claire and the rest of the team I now know that my life doesn't have to be run by heroin and that I do have a choice and there is no way I'm going to let that go. The vitamin pack and Cal-Mag where scary but well worth it. I just hope the rest of the course opens my eyes to a new way of life and a new way of thinking which doesn't include me being high or low on various drugs as being in the withdrawal has made me feel it is now very possible."

M.M. (withdrawing from Heroin) says:-

"Today is a very genuine day as I have finished the withdrawal step. I believe my drug use has finally come to the end and I am a lot more positive about my life. I can only laugh now at the state which I came in. Thank goodness for this programme and in myself for coming here. I'm proud of myself for showing that I can start another life and I'll take it from there now and thank you to all the staff for pulling me through the worst."

F.P. (withdrawing from Heroin) says:-

"Starting the Withdrawal step and getting through it has made me stronger. I no longer want to be known as a waster and I want my life to improve. I want to move on as a "person". Drugs are no longer a part of me and this has made me so HAPPY and CONTENT. Now I need to progress and find "myself" again." F.P.

Michelle says:-

"I feel that I was cared for and assisted in every possible way in withdrawals. The programme was explained well and any problems I had were resolved. I feel very peaceful being me now and I am happy to have joined the programme."

Gemma says:-

"Withdrawal was a slow process and at first I just wanted to go home, but now I have faced my problem and I'm ready to tackle it in the programme. I have realised that this programme has saved my life and is preparing me for a more pleasant future."

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