Narconon is licensed to use the world renowned “New life detoxification program”

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        Narconon is licensed to use the world renowned “New life detoxification program”

        Narconon is licensed to use the world renowned “New life detoxification program”

For nearly half a century Narconon has been helping people from all walks of life overcome addiction problems.

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A Non 12-Step Rehabilitation Programme

The Narconon program was founded in 19 February 1966 and can be considered to be the worlds larges network of non 12 step alcohol and drug rehabilitation facilities

The 12 step programme was first published in 1939 as an aid to recovering from alcoholism, around 1953 the original 12 steps where slightly modified to encompass drug addictions and other compulsions such as gambling etc.

The 12 step method is probably one of the most used methodologies by various rehabs around the world with the original 12 steps being modified to fit in with the treatment programs of the respective rehabilitating centre.

However, for someone who has completed a 12 step based program and has relapsed or for someone who feels a traditional 12 steps program will not suit their particular needs then a non 12 step program can still offer them excellent treatment options.

The 12 step programme requires of the person to admit that he is an addict, and that he cannot control his addiction or compulsion.

At Narconon we believe you can control and overcome your addiction, are history and track record is our testimony its just a question of an addict getting the right treatment and education.

The 12 steps are based upon the belief in a Higher Power (except where these guiding principles have been changed to meet the needs of a specific fellowship). The Higher Power may remove defects of character or shortcomings.

Narconon is a secular programme, non-religious and yet open to all faiths which are duly respected. We believe you have the power to change any shortcomings or defects of character yourself, given the right treatment and education.

12 step followers attend meetings, where a session of what is termed “Group Therapy” occurs. This encourages each individual to speak out in front of strangers (initially) and talk about themselves, their addiction and their past.

At Narconon we do not have group therapy sessions; the programme is very much bespoke, and although we encourage interaction with other students and the staff, the programme does not require any public announcements to groups about yours private affaires or past.

Narconon is not only a non 12 step alcohol and drug treatment program it has been suggest by  some to be a truly holistic program that takes all aspect of addiction in to account from the: physical, mental, emotion to rehabilitating and enhancing the life skills of the client.

This road to recovery starts with the New Life Detoxification module. This module is run identically to the detoxification programme undertaken by over 800 rescue workers of 9/11. The very same programme was undertaken by the City Police Department in Oram Utah, USA  for officers that have been exposed to Methamphetamine while dismantling clandestine meths labs during the course of their duty. The New Life Detoxification  Program is also being used by the US government for Gulf war veterans who have possibly been exposed to toxins  and now suffer related syndromes.

In conclusion, Narconon is very different, its a non 12 step program open to men and woman from all walks of life, and we’re here to assist you.

"I feel fortunate to have found Narconon as, with the completion of each course, I find I am learning things about life that I wouldn't have learned anywhere else."