Narconon is licensed to use the world renowned “New life detoxification program”

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        Narconon is licensed to use the world renowned “New life detoxification program”

For nearly half a century Narconon has been helping people from all walks of life overcome addiction problems.

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Private alcohol addiction treatment

Narconon is a private alcohol addiction treatment programme that has successfully helped thousands of people from all walks of life to overcome alcohol addiction and also other addictive substances.

Alcohol addiction can be overcome once and for all.

The Narconon alcohol treatment rehab programme is unique and is the world’s largest network of alcohol rehabilitation centres that take a truly holistic approach to alcohol treatment .

The Narconon program is a privately funded rehab programme that addresses both the physical and mental aspects of addiction, with a strong emphasis on raising ones abilities. The end result is a person better able to face and solve the challenges from all areas of their life without the need or desire to turn to alcohol or drugs as a solution.

The Best Approach

For someone who has been suffering from a long term alcohol problem, families should look for a residential alcohol rehab clinic to keep the recovering alcoholic away from sources of temptation.

It can be a major advantage if the alcohol treatment centre is a distance away from their usual drinking environment, so they aren't tempted to get out and see their old friends. It has been known for some time that a change of one's Environment can in itself be very therapeutic.

Alcoholics drinking large quantities every day may experience dangerous seizures, hallucinations, mental confusion, delirium and severe tremors if they stop drinking straight away. To protect their health and even their life, a gradual withdrawal of alcohol is often necessary.

To make the withdrawal stage as comfortable as possible alcoholics that have been drinking large amounts of alcohol over a number of years may need to go through a medically assisted withdrawal.

Narconon works closely with local medical detox facilities to provide this service to recovering alcoholics who need it before beginning the next stage of their treatment programme which is

the drug free withdrawals.

Full and Lasting Recovery  for Good

Regardless of whether the addict requires and completes a medical detox or not, prior to starting on the Narconon New Life Sauna Detox the client spends a few days on a high nutritional-based additional withdrawal stage, that is entirely drug free.

Next is the Narconon New Life Detoxification which is a true and complete detoxification of the body of all possible stored residuals of alcohol and other drugs and toxins.

Many people who have completed this step of the program have claimed tremendous changes in their physical well-being and have reported that cravings for drugs and alcohol have been greatly reduced or are completely eliminated.

Once an addict has done a complete detoxification from alcohol, it is now time for a recovering addict to embark on the Objective processes that will gradually bring the addict out of the past and help him set his sights firmly on the future  (something most addicts have not done for a long time).

Now it’s time to rebuild your life

Rebuilding lost life skills. Anyone who has spent too much time under the influence and duress of a drug or alcohol addiction will have lost many of the life skills that come naturally to most people. Discharging a rehabilitated addicted back into society without ensuring that they have regained their social skills is a recipe for relapse.

Skills to recognise things like: What were the problems they tried to escape from by drinking or using drugs? Who did they feel most comfortable with when they drank? Why was being drunk the only way they felt they could have fun?

Life's daily challenges and its accompanying problems must be better understood and decision-making skills must be developed, for an alcoholic or drug addict to be able to stabley stand on two sober feet.

Types of Rehab Services

There are as many types of  alcohol rehab services as there are people with ideas of how to help someone recover from alcoholism. One of the oldest and longest established methods for alcohol treatment, Alcoholics Anonymous, advocates regular (sometimes daily) meetings, and a recovery programme based on the 12 steps of personal actions. Alcoholics Anonymous members support each other through recovery.

Some private alcohol rehabilitation centres may use Eastern religious philosophies such as:

yoga, meditation or attention to outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking, horse riding, rock climbing or group encounters. While some recovering alcoholics may benefit from these forms of treatment, true and lasting recovery requires getting to the root of the problem, and addressing the difficulties and daily challenges in life, that resulted in the person turning to alcohol as a solution. Gaining the life skills necessary to live the rest of their life without the need to drink alcohol in excess is a core component of the Narconon Programme.

The Narconon private drug and alcohol rehab programme is ten to twelve weeks long; it is a private residential program that works to address the above factors. Employing nutrition, a healthful sauna detoxification, communications skills training, and life skills classes. The Narconon programme helps return an alcohol or drug dependent to their former selves and puts them back in control of their own lives.