Narconon is licensed to use the world renowned “New life detoxification program”

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        Narconon is licensed to use the world renowned “New life detoxification program”

For nearly half a century Narconon has been helping people from all walks of life overcome addiction problems.

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Private Residential Drug and Alcohol  Treatment vs Government funded treatment

There are two methods for funding an alcohol or drug rehab; one can apply for funding from the local authority or one can choose to go private and fund the programme from their own resources or financing options.

Trying to attract funding from your local authority can have it,s complications.

Each local authority has allocated a set amount of money  to assist people with addiction problems, and these figures vary from authority to authority. Depending on where you live will depend on how much money is available for substance rehabilitation. The second drawback is that each authority has a different set of criteria as to who is eligible for funding, and what constitutes a “priority  case”.

For an addict trying to access local authority sponsorship onto a rehab program , it can be an extremely frustrating ordeal, and they may find themselves having to wait a considerable amount of time before they can be funded onto a program.    

For a busy executive or someone who needs a rapid solution to an alcohol or drug problem and is in need of a fast confidential admission, then treatment at a private alcohol and drug rehabilitation clinic is going to be their best way forward.

Apart from being confidential, private alcohol and drug rehabilitation clinics also offer several other advantages over government funded facilities.       

 As a rule one could expect the number of clients taking part in a private programme to be far less than a government funded programme. This often results in a programme that is much more personal and manageable, and each individual is more likely to get the treatment and focus they need as an individual, in order to make progress and enjoy the available gains in the process. It is a combination of the programme components plus the persons own contribution and understanding, that gives the best chance for a full and lasting recovery.

Privately funded drug and alcohol centres are able to  protect the anonymity of the client, and can provide a safer zone; an environment where clients are more easily able to unwind and they generally enjoy more personal privacy as compared to those that are state funded.

Clients of a privately funded rehab centre are very likely to receive comprehensive, personal attention in order to resolve his or her addiction problems.

It is much easier to form an association with other clients and staff in a less busy private addiction treatment programme, because the facility is often a more comfortable environment.

Private drug and alcohol centres commonly have a higher staff to client ratio, as compared to state funded programmes, which frequently results in having someone available to talk to, or lean on, if life becomes difficult.

No waiting lists – Getting the correct treatment fast is crucial for someone struggling with drug or alcohol addiction and speed of admission is vital.  Unfortunately, many of the government funded rehab centres have a long waiting list – sometimes years - before an addict can get onto a suitable programme.

"After seeing the results of your work and speaking to members of the staff, I feel that you have much to teach the drug rehabilitation field."