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        Narconon is licensed to use the world renowned “New life detoxification program”

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Heroin Detox the Secret to A Heroin Addict’s Rehabilitation

A man or woman who needs to do a successful Heroin rehabilitation will at some stage need a complete heroin detox if they want to increase their chances of staying clean and not relapse back into heroin addiction again.  

What is a heroin detox?

A heroin detox is a complete physical detoxification of any and all heroin - and other toxins- that may remain in the body after heroin was last taken.

However, many heroin rehab’s and treatment clinics sidestep the detox phase completely. By administrating to people addicted to heroin, heroin substitutes – or even a pharmaceutical form of heroin such as methadone. If we look at this “in the broad light of day” giving a person a substitute drug to get them of a drug is not actually “a detox” at best it is a  “substittox”*

Across Europe and in the USA, some heroin and alcohol treatment clinics only try to reduce the harm of heroin addiction - harm reduction programs- by providing heroin addicts with a similar drug that is only designed to keep the withdrawal symptoms at bay.

Very often these substitute drugs can be just as addictive as the drug they are trying to get off (methadone is an example), and a person still remains shackled to an addictive substance.

If a heroin addict can be gotten off heroin and set on the path to a completely drug free life, starting with a real heroin detox, why put them on a substitute drug in the first place?

Supporters of “harm reduction treatment” argue that the one-time illegal heroin addict (now a synthetic opiate addict) is prescribed a substitute drug under the law, and is no longer an offender, and secondly because their new substitute drug is being dispensed by the National Health for free, the heroin addict doesn’t need to commit crimes to find money for illegal heroin.

There may be a slight element of truth there, but they are still addicts and are still chained to drugs, all be it legal drugs.

Real Heroin rehabilitating - for life

For nearly 50  years across 5 continents, the Narconon drug and alcohol rehab programme has helped heroin addicts to detox and complete an entirely drug-free heroin rehabilitation. Without the need of substitutes such as: the controversial methadone programme, buprenorphine, Suboxone, Subutex or other potentially addictive drugs.

At Narconon, a heroin addict is gently eased through the withdrawal part of the program using a combination of nutritional supplementation, light reorientation exercises, and simple yet effective one-to-one procedures.

As surprising as it may sound, some simple non-invasive techniques, used at Narconon drug rehab’s, have proven to be amazingly effective at reducing the severity of  heroin withdrawals until the addict is finally able to undergo a full and thorough heroin detox, after which they are usually feeling much better both physically and mentally.

Generally, drug and alcohol dependents starting a detox are usually in poor physical condition due to years of abuse. At Narconon they receive immediate and sufficient nutritional supplementation that helps to alleviate some of the symptoms of addiction withdrawal, that may actually be the organic effects of nutritional deficiencies.

Drugs and poor lifestyle habits are known to deplete vital nutrient stores. Nutritional deficiencies in many addicts can also heavily contribute to the depression suffered by so many when trying to recover from their addiction.

Physical Causes (and Solutions) of Withdrawal Related Depression

While going through heroin detox at a Narconon drug rehab, the recovering addict is helped through the physical symptoms with simple techniques and procedures, often performed repetitively, each one providing relaxation that helps to make the person more comfortable. Somewhat like light massages, Assists help calm the nervous system and so help reduce cramps and spasms. Calcium and magnesium formulas (to drink), nourish muscle health and therefore help muscles to relax. The result for the recovering heroin addict is often a surprisingly less intense withdrawal, compared to anything he or she has experienced before.

Once the heroin withdrawal is complete, and the person is ready to leave the withdrawal phase of recovery, they move on to the second stage of the programme called The New Life Detoxification™. This stage is based on the theory that toxins can reside in the body for many years after they were ingested, smoked or injected, and stored in the form of “metabolites”.

After the body breaks down drugs like heroin, cocaine, crack, alcohol etc. and eliminates a majority of those toxins, residuals known as metabolites can still remain lodged in fatty tissues. These residuals are thought to be involved in the triggering of drug cravings, even many years after a person has stopped taking drugs.

Once the New Life Detoxification™ is complete, many recovering addicts report that they experience an increase in their perceptions, they feel fitter and stronger, and they have a renewed enthusiasm for their future; the cravings for drugs have often diminished at this point.

For someone who has suffered from addiction problems for any length of time, there is no greater gift to that person, if he or she wants to leave their addiction behind, than the reduction or elimination of cravings.

The Narconon New Life Detoxification™  is a thorough detoxification process that uses sweating in a low-heat, dry sauna, moderate exercise and a specific regimen of nutritional supplementation to enable the body to flush out old drug toxins.

Without this, life may be a constant battle to overcome the cravings and stay clean or sober; a daily struggle of self control, which is not a desired example of true living.

Life Skills are Needed to Stabilize the Recovering Addict

Once the cravings for drugs or alcohol are reduced, the recovering addict must recover his or her’s self-respect and integrity which can be so easy lost during their time as a drug abuser. They now need to regain  the ability to make drug-free decisions, even in moments of stress. These aspects of recovery are covered in detail the remainder of the Narconon programme. Step by step, the Life Skills modules of the Narconon programme take each participant through the rebuilding of a new drug-free life. The completeness of this innovative address to addiction has been proven over a forty-five year period of development and use.

* Substittox: a humorously invented word meaning substitute for detox