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Drug Rehabilitation - Success Story

Lucy, one of our Graduates, says:

"When I first came to Narconon I was so disgusted with myself that I was on the verge of suicide. I was very sceptical about the programme to start with, especially when they told I had to "stare" into Danny's eyes for 10 minutes. I thought it was crazy.

I found it really hard to start with being the only girl (at that time), but I soon became part of the group and I even found myself playing football one night.

The support I have received from the staff has been absolutely amazing. I had no idea such amazing people existed. Every part of the programme has been fantastic and for me it's the 1st time in my life when I really know who I am.

I have dealt with all of my issues and my favourite thing about the programme is that I came to all the realisations myself. It wasn't anybody telling me what I should think or feel.

I feel so happy now that I could burst and the future is looking bright. I have really loved working with all the students and I've made life long friends. I don't regret anything I have done because if I hadn't I wouldn't have experienced this miraculous technology and met so many wonderful people.

I would recommend this programme to everyone because I think everyone deserves the opportunity to discover themselves and be as happy as I am.

I would like to thank all the staff at Narconon and all the students for their continuous support and laughter and I'd like to thank L. Ron Hubbard for the wonderful technology.

Lucy G."

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"...the best high is the adrenalin rush of completing the Narconon programme"
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"Your efforts are most likely the reason our son developed the will to change ..."

"I wake up every morning looking forward to my day ahead because I know I'm in total control of my life and because I rediscovered myself ..."

"...I was very sceptic at first but now I feel Narconon is the only way - it's working for me."

"After seeing the results of your work and speaking to members of the staff, I feel that you have much to teach the drug rehabilitation field"

"I came to NARCONON a broken mess of a human being. ... Today I have no words to really explain the difference in my life. ... I am successful and happy and I have a future."