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Drug Rehabilitation - Success Story

Filipe, one of our Graduates, says:

"About 3 months ago I came to Narconon. It was about 1 week after I found out I was going to be a dad. My life was pretty messed up. I wasn't working and I didn't really care about anything or anyone apart from getting my next bit of crack and heroin.

I didn't know what to do with my life, but I knew that I couldn't carry on like that for long otherwise I would have ended up dead or in prison. Even though I didn't realise it then, now I know I was a very unhappy person and I was making my loved ones very unhappy as well.

I was unable to trust and love people because of all the wrong I've done to them and I was unable to love life because I was a slave to the drugs. Then when I found out about the baby I thought to myself: "I don't want my daughter to look at me in a few years and think 'my dad is a junky'." So I came to Narconon. I started the programme on September 23rd and it wasn't long before I started feeling better. Going through the books was hard at times but at the end of each one I felt a bit better and better.

Than I did the sauna and physically I felt very, very good, but I know now that that wasn't all. After the sauna I kept on doing the books and then I started to have my real wins. I used to think "I wish I could go back in time knowing everything I know now and sort everything out to stop doing drugs."

And now, I know it's hard to believe, but I can tell you all that I have actually done that and since then I have regained my capacity for loving life, loving and trusting people. I can see things so clearly now and I'm very positive that I'm going to live a drug free life.

My biggest win is, I wake up every morning looking forward to my day ahead because I know I'm in total control of my life and because I rediscovered myself. I didn't really know that hidden behind drugged up Filipe lived this wonderful, caring person that I love to be, but I found it again.

I had so many wins and realisations since I got here that its hard to write about all of them. So, I'm just going to say that at the end of the day Narconon with the help of the tech developed by L. Ron Hubbard saved my life and that in turn will make the lives of many others a lot better.

For all this I will always be thankful to Narconon and its entire staff.



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"...the best high is the adrenalin rush of completing the Narconon programme"
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"Your efforts are most likely the reason our son developed the will to change ..."

"I wake up every morning looking forward to my day ahead because I know I'm in total control of my life and because I rediscovered myself ..."

"...I was very sceptic at first but now I feel Narconon is the only way - it's working for me."

"After seeing the results of your work and speaking to members of the staff, I feel that you have much to teach the drug rehabilitation field"

"I came to NARCONON a broken mess of a human being. ... Today I have no words to really explain the difference in my life. ... I am successful and happy and I have a future."