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Drug Rehabilitation - Success Story

Peter one of our Graduates, says:

"Well, where do I start? I suppose a good place would be the beginning of my story but I think I’ll sing my own praises a bit before I do that. I’ve done this, I’ve really done this, I’ve beaten my heroin addiction.

Now let’s get to the murky dark past and look at the facts. I was killing myself on a daily basis. I had lost my will to live, I had lost all my self-respect and all respect for others and I’d replaced my soul with a deep dark hole which was tortured, evil and full of self hate. I would do anything for heroin; I didn’t care if it hurt other people or destroyed their lives. The only thing that mattered to me at the time was getting high. I just kept putting more and more heroin into my veins, hoping that one day I wouldn’t wake from the slumber if induced, because every time I did awake I returned to my own personal hell. The hell on earth that is known as addiction.

Then I came to Narconon, thanks to the help of Mr Holland and Father Allan who put the ladder in front of me, so that I could help myself up out of my deep dark heroin hole. And from there I started a bizarre journey. I’ve learnt more about myself in the last 6 months than I had in the previous 30 years. I’ve realised that I was the one who had lost control and no one else was to blame and it was up to me to regain control of my life. It all really started in the sauna where I’d decided to do it hard core. I wanted to sweat and I mean really sweat. So water on the coals every 15 minutes to get is as hot as hell, so sorry to those who had to put up with me in the sauna and the way I wanted to do things, hope you didn’t mind.

Then it was back to the training routines. This was with my first twin the rock ‘n’ roll legend Murphy you are a super star mate. Then a little way into my objectives, I took on another twin, Nikki. Nikki you are a remarkable woman who’s changed my life, you’ve touched my heart and soul and helped me change my goals. This is what twinship is all about. I’d trust the pair of you with my life. I love you both to bits and will never forget you and many thanks for the laughter.

From this point it was just onwards and upwards for me. I’ve learnt about honesty and I mean honesty not some half-hearted version of the truth. I now know how to keep myself off drugs and how to keep my soul free. This is thanks to a lot of things. Firstly Narconon, for the guidance and knowledge.

This programme does work as long as you’re honest and do it with intention and keep your own integrity with your focus on the end result. Then there’s the staff. Thanks for sticking by me when I was a total nightmare.

Then there’s the students. It’s your spirit and your souls that keep this place alive. So thanks for everything and I’ll see you all on the other side. I know you will all get there. Then there’s the friendship. I’ve built some great friendships since I’ve been here and I know that this will continue to happen.

I now also realise that I can actually be friends with women and this has been a massive win for me. This is down to Nikki - a person who’s a joy to be around. You are true, real and wonderful and deserve all the happiness and joy in the world. If everyone was more like you the world would be a better place by far.

Then there’s my family who finally have faith in me and my judgement. I thank them for their support.

Now my thanks to God and Jesus Christ for giving me the power and the free will to do this. You’ve given me the armour to take my stand against the devils schemes and to take my fight up against the evil powers of this dark world. So every morning when evil comes I put on my full armour of god to stand my ground for truth. I take up my shield of faith with which I extinguish all the flaming arrows that evil sends my way. I know I am brave and I am ready for whatever evils this twisted world puts in my path. I am now truly free from the devils chain and with a clear mind which is alert with it’s search for knowledge. I am a real success of Narconon and I don’t mind telling anyone this."

Love & respect, Peter

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