Narconon is licensed to use the world renowned “New life detoxification program”

        Narconon is licensed to use the world renowned “New life detoxification program”

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ACAPULCO GOLD - a very potent strain of marijuana from Acapulco, Mexico.

ACID - LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethlamide)

ACID HEAD - user of LSD, "Acid Freak"

AIR HEAD - under the influence of marijuana

ALCOHOL - booze, juice, sauce

ALLEY JUICE - very cheap wine, "Grapes"

AMPHETAMINES - speed, crystal, crank, meth, black beauties, bennies, uppers, dexies, 357 magnums

ANGEL DUST - Phencyclidine or PCP

ARTILLERY - equipment for shooting drugs


B's - Heroin

BACK-UP - permitting blood to back up into a syringe to ensure the needle is in a vein

BAD TRIP - unpleasant LSD experience

BAG - packet of drugs, usually a standard amount for sale

BAG MAN - person who transports money

BALLOON - small amount of contained narcotics

BANGING UP - to inject narcotics

BARBS - Barbiturates; "downers, "reds"

BASE - Crack Cocaine

BEAN - capsules for drugs

BEAT - to cheat someone

BENNIES - Benzedrine; "peaches"

BENZOS - Tranquillisers

BIG C - Cocaine

BIG CHIEF - Mescaline

BIG MAN - supplier of drugs

BINDLE - a small packet of drug powder

BLACK BEAUTIES - Amphetamines

BLACK HOLLIES - Amphetamines

BLACK-OUT - amnesia for events occurring while heavily intoxicated with alcohol, other sedative/hypnotic drugs


BLASTED - high on drugs

BLAZE - Marijuana


BLOW - smoke Marijuana; sniff Cocaine

BLUE DEVILS - Amobarbital

BLUES - Valium

BLUNTS - a cigar slit open and filled with marijuana

BOMBED OUT - very much intoxicated by narcotics

BOMBITA - mixture of Cocaine & Heroin

BONG - a cylindrical water pipe for smoking narcotics, especially Marijuana

BOOST - to steal

BOOZE - alcohol (beer, wine, liquor)

BREAD - money

BRICK - a kilogram (2.2 pounds) of tightly compacted Marijuana or Hashish

BRING DOWN - come off a drug

BROKER - go-between for a drug deal

BROWN - Heroin

BROWNIES - Ecstasy

BUDS - Marijuana

BUMMER - bad experience with drugs

BUNDLE - multiple bags of a drug

BURN - cheated bv a pusher

BURNOUT - heavy user of drugs

BUSTED - arrested on a drug-related charge

BUTTONS - peyote or mushrooms

BUY - purchase drugs

BUZZED - mildly intoxicated


C - Cocaine

CANDY - Barbiturates or Cocaine

CANDY MAN - drug supplier

CAPS - drug capsule

CARTWHEELS - Amphetamines

CHARGED UP - under the influence of drugs

CHASING THE DRAGON - a particular way of inhaling Heroin

CHEESE a starter form of Heroin containing Tylenol PM and up to 8 percent heroin

CHARLIE - Cocaine


CHINA WHITE - α-Methylfentanyl  an opioid analgesic that is an analog of fentanyl

HIPPING - occasional use of drugs

CHIPPY - person who uses drugs infrequently

CHRISTINA - Crystal Meth

CHRONIC - Marijuana

CLEAN - drug free; not having drugs in one's possession

COASTING - being high on drugs

COCAINE - crack, coke, booth, blow, railers, snow, ringer, divits, toot, cola, rocks, blast, white dust, ivory flakes, nose candy, mobbeles

COKE - Cocaine

COKE BROKE - financially incapacitated from supporting Cocaine habit

COLD TURKEY - sudden withdrawal from drugs

COLOMBO - Marijuana grown in Columbia

COME DOWN - the ending of a drug experience

CONNECT - to purchase drugs

CONNECTION - supplier of drugs

COOKER - usually a spoon or bottle cap used to heat drugs for injection

COP - to obtain drugs

COP-OUT - to evade an issue

CRACK - A pure form of  Cocaine usually injected or smoked

CRACK HEAD- someone who is addicted to crack cocaine

CRACK PIPE - A device  for smoking crack usually home made

CRASH - to sleep off the effects of drugs

CRYSTALS - Methamphetamine

CUT - to adulterate drugs

CUT OUT - to leave from someplace


DAGGA - South African word for Marijuana

DARKS - Heroin

DEALER - someone who sells illegal drugs

DECK - a packet of drugs

DEP-TESTOSTERONE - injectable steroid

DEXIES - Dexadrine, or"dex"

DEVILS  DICK - A pipe ,usually  for smoking crack

DIAMONDS - amphetamine

DIABLITO - combination of crack cocaine and marijuana in a joint

DIME BAG - $10 worth of a narcotic

DOLLIES - Methadone

DOLPHINS - Ecstasy

DOPE - a general term for drugs of abuse


DOWNERS - Tranquillisers

DRIED OUT - having gone through a withdrawal programme for drugs or alcohol

DROP - to take a drugs orally; a place where money or drugs are left


DRUGGIE - a narcotic user or addict


DUST - narcotics in powder form

DUSTING - sprinkling a narcotic powder on another drug such as PCP on Marijuana

DYNAMITE - high quality, potent drugs


E's - Ecstasy

EASY SCORE - obtaining drugs without difficulty

EGGS - Tranquillisers

EIGHTH - one-eighth of a pound of drugs




FACTORY - place where illicit drugs are prepared for sale

FIX - an injection of drugs

FLAKE -Cocaine


FLASHBACK - recurrence of previous hallucinations

FLEA POWDER - poor quality drugs

FLIP OUT - become psychotic or irrational

FLYING - under the influence of drugs

FOOTBALL - Amphetarnine

FREAK OUT - a bad trip; an unexpected reaction to a drug

FREEBASE - smoking Cocaine from a special water pipe

FREEZE - to renege on a drug transaction

FRONT - to put money out before receiving the merchandise

FUZZ - the police


GANJA - the Jamaican word for Marijuana

GEAR - Heroin

GET OFF - feel a drug's effects

GET ON - use drugs for the first time

GLASS - Crystal Meth

GLUEY - a glue sniffer

GOLD or GOLD SEEL - Marijuana, also called Acapulco

GOODS - drugs

GOOFBALLS - Barbiturates

GRAM - a metric measure of weight

GRASS - Marijuana

GREEN - Marijuana

GUN - equipment for injecting drugs


H - Heroin

HAPPY DUST - Cocaine

HARD STUFF - narcotics

HASH - Marijuana


HAY - Marijuana

HEAD - someone who uses drugs frequently

HEAD SHOP - store specialising in the sale of drug paraphernalia

HEARTS - Dexadrine

HEAVEN - Cocaine

HEAVENLY BLUE - morning glory seeds; a hallucinogen

HEAVY BURNER - a person who smokes a lot of dope, a burnout

HEELED - having plenty of money

HERB - Marijuana

HEROIN - china white, fix, horse, smack, whack, mother pearl, H. junk

HIGH - to be intoxicated on drugs

HIP-HOP - refers to a culture that includes rap music, art, dance, fashion, attitude

HIT- a single dose of drugs


HOLDING - in possession of drugs

HOME GROWN - locally grown Marijuana; local weed; ditch weed

HOOKED - addicted

HOPPED UP - under the influence of drugs

HORSE - Heroin

HOT - wanted by authorities

HOT SHOT - fatal injection of drugs

HUFFER - glue sniffer

HUFFING - inhaling solvents from a bag

HUSTLE - attempt to obtain drug customers

HYPE - narcotic addict


ICE - Crystal Meth

ICE CREAM HABIT - occasional drug use

IN - connected with drug suppliers

ISOMERIZER - used to increase potency of THC in Marijuana


JAG - extended period of using a drug

JELLIES - Tranquillisers

JIVE - Marijuana

JOINT - a Marijuana cigarette

JOY POPPING - occasional use of drugs

JUICE - Alcohol

JUNK - Heroin, so named because it's never pure when sold on the street

JUNKIE - An drug addict


KEY- kilogram

KICK - to stop using drugs

KlCK BACK - relapse back into drug usage

KIDDIE DOPE - usually prescription drugs

KIF - North African word for Marijuana

KILLER - strong drug

KILLER WEED - strong Marijuana, or marijuana sprinkled with PCP

KILO - 2.2 Ibs., also "KEY"

KIT - equipment used to inject drugs



LAUGHING GAS - Nitrous Oxide (inhalant)

LEMONADE - poor-quality drugs

LETTUCE - money

LEAPERS - Amphetamines

LID - one ounce or less of Marijuana


Linctus - Methadone

LINE - a dose of Cocaine arranged in a line on a smooth surface


LOAD - a large quantity of drugs

LOADED - high on drugs or alcohol

LOCKER ROOM - Butyl Nitrate (inhalant)

LSD - acid, microdots, purple haze, blotters, fry, blaze, tab, dose, gel, pyramid, trips


LUDES - Methaqualone; Quaaludes, Valium


MAINLINE - inject a drug directly into a vein, to "shoot up"

MAINLINER - a person who injects directly into the vein

MAN - police

MANICURE - remove seeds from marijuana


MARIJUANA - buds, bhang, dope, goof butt, grass, hash, hay, hemp, herb, jive, pot, rope, stinkweed, stuff, tea, weed, wacky tobaccky, whack,

MARY JANE - Marijuana

MARIJUANA CIGARETTE - bone, doobie, joint, J, reefer, spiff

MATCHBOX - measurement for a small amount of Marijuana

MAZZIES - Tranquillisers

MESCS -Mescaline

MEET - buyer and seller get together


METH - Methadone or Methamphetamine

METH  HEAD - regular user of Methamphetamines

METH MONSTER - person who has a violent reaction to Methamphetamine

METH SPEED BALL - Methamphetamine combined with heroin

METHEDRINE - amphetamine

MICRODOT - a tablet containing LSD




MIXTURE - Methadone

MISS EMMA - Morphine

MOGGIES - Benzodiazepines /Tranquillisers

MONKEY - drug dependency; a kilogram of a narcotic

MULE - a carrier of drugs

MUNCHIES - the hunger that follows after using Marijuana

MUSHROOMS - magic mushrooms, mushroom, mushies


NAILED - arrested

NARC - narcotic agent

NEEDLE FREAK - a person who prefers to take drugs with a needle

NICKEL BAG - a $5 bag of drugs

NORML - National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws; lobbies for lenient drug laws

NORRIES - Tranquillisers

NUGGET - Marijuana


OC / OC’s - Oxycontin

O.D. - overdosed on drugs

ON - under the influence of a drug

ON A TRIP - under the influence of drugs

ON ICE - in jail

ON THE NOD - under the influence of narcotics or depressants

OUT OF IT - under the influence of drugs

Oxy’s -  Oxycontin

O.Z. - one ounce


P's - Crystal Meth

PAKALOLO - Hawaiian term for Marijuana

PANAMA GOLD, RED - potent Marijuana grown in Panama

PANIC - drugs not available


PAPERS - rolling papers, used to make marijuana or tobacco cigarettes

PARAPHERNALIA - accessories used to take drugs

PCP - (Phencyclidine) angel dust, kools sherms, high, wet daddies, dust, juice


PEBBLES - Crack Cocaine

PEPSI HABIT - occasional use of drugs

PERCY - Cocaine

PEANUTS - Barbiturates

PEYOTE - hallucinogenic cactus, buttons

PICKUP - purchase drugs

PIECE - usually one ounce of drugs

PILLS - Ecstasy

PIN - A needle used for injecting

PINKS - Second (Barbiturate)

PLANT - a hiding place for drugs

POPPERS - Amyl Nitrate capsules (inhalant)

POT - Marijuana

POT HEAD - Marijuana user

POWER HITTER - a device (often plastic) used to deliver a blast of Marijuana smoke to the lungs


QUACK - doctor



RAP - to talk with someone; or charged with a crime

RED DEVILS - Seconal (Barbiturate)

REEFER - Marijuana

RIG - the paraphernalia for injecting drugs

RIDING THE WAVE - under the influence of drugs

RIPPED OFF- robbed

ROACH - the stub of a Marijuana cigarette

ROACH CLIP - any tweezers-like device used to hold a Marijuana cigarette stub that is too short to hold in the- fingers

ROCKS - Crack Cocaine

ROLEXES - Ecstasy

ROOFIES - Tranquillisers

RUGBY BALLS - Tranquillisers

RUSH - an intense surge of pleasure; Butyl Nitrate inhalant


SAUCE - alcohol

SCAT - Heroin

SCHOOL BOY - Codeine

SCORE - to locate and purchase a quantity of drugs

SCRIPT WRITER - a Doctor willing to write a prescription for faked symptoms

SENSI -Marijuana

SET UP - to arrange to have a person arrested for drugs; combination of uppers and downers (Barbiturates and.Amphetamines)

SHOOTING GALLERY - place where addicts inject drugs

SHOOT UP - to inject intravenously

SHOTGUN - a way of smoking Marijuana, by blowing smoke back through the joint into another's mouth

SINSEMILLA OR SINS - a potent type of Marijuana without seeds grown in Northern California

SKAG - Heroin

SKIN POPPING - to inject a drug under the skin

SKUNK =Marijuana

SLAB - crack

SLAM - to inject a drug

SLANGING - selling drugs

SLEEPER - heroin; depressant

SLEET - crack

SLEIGH RIDE - cocaine

SLICK SUPER SPEED - Methcathinone

SLIME - heroin

SMACK - heroin

SMACK HEAD - Someone who is addicted to Heroin



SMOKE - Marijuana

SNAPPERS - Amyl Nitrate capsules (inhalant)

SNORT - to inhale Cocaine through the nostrils

SNOW - Cocaine

SNOW BIRD - dependent on Cocaine

SOLID - Marijuana

SPACE BALL - PCP used with crack

SPACE BASE - crack dipped in PCP; hollowed out cigar

SPACE CADET - habitual user of Marijuana

SPACED OUT - under the influence of drugs

SPACED - unresponsive to surroundings

SPECIAL "K" - Ketamine

SPEED - Amphetamines

SPEED BALL - a mixture of Cocaine and Heroin; "Bombita"

SPEED FREAK - person who repeatedly takes Amphetamines, usually intravenously

SPIKE - needle used to inject drugs

SPOONS - paraphernalia associated with Cocaine, often worn as jewelry

STAR DUST - Cocaine


STASH - a place where drugs are hidden

STEP ON - to dilute drugs

STICK - a Marijuana cigarette STIMULANTS - pep pills

STONED - under the influence of drugs

STONES - Crack Cocaine

STRAIGHT - not using drugs

STRUNG OUT - heavily addicted to drugs

STUFF- drugs



SUPERMAN - LSD blotter with Superman imprint

SUPER C - Ketamine


SUPER ICE - smokable methamphetamine




TASTE - a small sample of drugs

TEA - Marijuana

THAI STICKS - Marijuana laced with Opium

TINA - Crystal Meth

TOBACCO - butt, chew, weed, cig,

TOKE - inhaling Marijuana or Hashish smoke

TOLLEY - or toluene; a cheap, extremely harmful paint solvent (inhalant)

TOOT - to sniff Cocaine

TOOTER - small, hollow tube (straw-like) to sniff Cocaine

TO PARTY - refers to having a good time using alcohol and other drugs

TRACKS - a row of needle marks on the skin

TRAP - a hiding place for drugs

TRIP - under the influence of drugs



TURF - a location where drugs are sold

TURKEY - a substitute sold as a specific drug

TURNED ON - introduced to drugs, or under the influence of drugs

TWEEZES -a wild variety of psilocybin mushrooms (hallucinogen)


UNCLE - Federal Agents

UPPERS - Stimulants, Amphetamines


VALLIES - Tranquillisers

VALIUM - ludes, drunk pills, v's blues



WASH - Crack Cocaine

WASTED - intoxicated, strung out

WEED - Marijuana

WHITE - Cocaine



WIRED - addicted to Amphetamines or Heroin

WORKS - equipment for injecting drugs


XTC - Ecstasy


YABA - Crystal Meth

YELLOW JACKETS - Nembutal, Barbiturate

YEN - a strong craving


ZIGZAG - a brand of rolling papers used to make Marijuana cigarettes

ZOMBIE -PCP; VERY heavy user of drugs

ZONKED - extremely high on drugs

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Street Drug Names

Street drugs often have slang names. These slang names maybe descriptive of the actual drug or the effects the drug has on the user. Slang is often specific to certain geographic areas. Some slang terms mean one thing in part of the UK and something different in other parts. Additionally, users often create their own street names for drugs to disguise their activity and actions.