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Support For the Narconon® Programme

Narconon activities, from free-standing residential treatment centres to drug education, receive support in many ways, varying with the country and community.

Direct Government Funding

In parts of Sweden, Denmark, Holland and Switzerland once the Narconon method received official recognition as a drug rehabilitation programme, it became eligible for government funding, as prescribed by local laws, distributed from the Social Boards of each country. Narconon Colombia has received funding for services to youth. The State of Utah in the United States has funded Narconon non-residential services for juveniles on probation for misdemeanour drug charges who are then court-ordered to the programme.

Additionally, Narconon drug education has received federal, state and local funding assistance in many countries.

Corporate and Foundation Support

Narconon Boston has supported its full-time drug education, peer leadership and teacher training for over ten years with the help of grants from corporations and foundations interested in the long-term value of this work.

In Sweden, where drug education has been delivered in great quantity across the whole country, the Narconon staff have received repeated grants not just from the government for support of administrative expenses, but from the business community as well, directly toward the cost of school lectures.

Other Benefactors and Volunteers

As with other charities and non-profit organisations around the world, many Narconon centres are fortunate to receive support in different forms from volunteer agencies, churches, civic volunteer organisations, etc. This has included, to give only a few examples:

Police and other social agencies giving close support and working hand in hand with drug education teams in Sweden, Norway and other countries.

A Taiwanese Buddhist social betterment group significantly funding and promoting the use of Narconon rehabilitation services for adults and juveniles.

Catholic sisters in Holland fundraising to help provide student scholarships at Narconon Zutphen.

Indigenous Maori organizations in New Zealand donating land, facilities and operating expenses.

Celebrities and other notables giving their names and public drawing power to aid in Narconon fundraising events, as with the many "Narconon All-Stars" softball games in Hollywood, stunt shows, etc.

Narconon UK Race TeamIn the UK the Narconon race team compete to promote the Narconon Programme to the racing audience.


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